Southwell Golf Club

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Plan ahead for your visit to Southwell Golf Club and make the most of your round with our course map. For a more detailed visual of the 18 holes, click on the individual hole numbers below. You can also read the helpful tips from our resident PGA Professional Jasen Barker.


18 Hole Course – Hole 1


Long par 3 to start. Favour your tee shot to the right side of the green as water awaits any shot to the left.

18 Hole Course – Hole 2

A straight drive is required as there is out of bounds all the way down the right of the hole and water for 240 yards down the left. Choose either to lay up or go for the green with your second shot as there are 2 small ponds guarding the green entry.

18 Hole Course – Hole 3

With this short par 4, play for position off the tee to attack the flag with your second shot. Don’t be short as a deep bunker guards the front of the green.

18 Hole Course – Hole 4

Long straight par 5, three good shots will find the green. Try for the green in two and skirt with the water to the left of the green..

18 Hole Course – Hole 5

A demanding par 5 . Play your approach into this big three tier green with bunkers at the back.

18 Hole Course – Hole 6

A long par 4 and again a straight drive is required. Keep your approach shot to the left of the green as a bunker guards the right side of this green.

18 Hole Course – Hole 7

Our signature hole is very similar to the 17th at Sawgrass. Only a short shot but the green is totally surrounded by water.

18 Hole Course – Hole 8

A similar length hole to the 7th. Aim for the middle of the green as trouble awaits on the left hand side.

18 Hole Course – Hole 9

Position off the tee is vital as you drive over water. Choose to run one in for your second or fly it all the way to this slightly raised green.

18 Hole Course – Hole 10

Bigger hitters open your shoulders to try and drive over the River Greet if you dare. If not hit a medium iron off the tee for position and be left a similar club for your second shot.

18 Hole Course – Hole 11

Dogleg left – aim your tee shot at the last bunker to leave the best angle into the green. Don’t be long with your approach as there is not much room between the green and out of bounds.

18 Hole Course – Hole 12

Try to find the top tier of this challenging par 3. Anything short will leave you a touch uphill putt.

18 Hole Course – Hole 13

Dogleg left – watch the ditch which runs across the fairway at about 230 yards. Keep the tee shot down the right hand side to attack this narrow green.

18 Hole Course – Hole 14

Dogleg right – aim for the pylon in the distance if you want to take the corner on. Favour one club less into the green as the green runs away at the back.

18 Hole Course – Hole 15

An iron or 3 wood off the tee for position on this tree lined hole, leaving you a mid iron into this slightly raised green.

18 Hole Course – Hole 16

Dogleg left par 5. Bigger hitters can take on the corner or follow the fairway and you will find the green in 3 shots.

18 Hole Course – Hole 17

Many good cards have been ruined here. Don’t be fooled by the yardage at 332 yards as the fun awaits you at this raised green with the River Greet right at the back giving you no room for error.

18 Hole Course – Hole 18

Picturesque par 3 with pond and waterfall to the left of the green. Aim to the middle of the this large green to impress the onlookers from the clubhouse.