Southwell Golf Club

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Course etiquette

As our Club Captain pointed out after the competition this weekend, we have received lots of plaudits about the condition of the course about how it compares very favourably with others in the area.  The course has developed tremendously during the last 1-2 years with our fairways and greens in excellent condition.

Please remember however, that we can help the greens staff by making sure we repair any damage we make to the course by repairing pitch marks on the greens and replacing divots on the fairways.  With the wet weather we have experienced this autumn, lots of us will be making pitch marks and it can be infuriating when a well-struck putt deviates off line because a pitch mark has not been repaired.  Therefore, please look out for any damage your ball may have caused and take the time to repair it which will help the green to recover quickly.

With your pitch mark repairer, you need to push the earth inwards rather than lifting it upwards, which can cause unsightly scarring. Once you have circled your pitch mark gently pushing the earth inwards towards the centre of the crater, you can then tap down any excess material to leave the smoothest possible surface.

Please also make sure that you do not use your putter to retrieve the ball from the hole, unless it is fitted with the appropriate device for doing so.  This could easily damage the cup and makes the job of our greens staff much harder.