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100+ Club draws

Apologies that we have been delayed in posting the most recent 100+ Club draw results so here are the names of the winners from the beginning of May and the draw held following the President’s Day competition yesterday.  As the number of members who take part in the draw continues to increase, we are now paying prizes down to 5th place.  The results are as follows;-

May 2019

1st prize  – Steve Best, Ball number 75  £159.00

2nd prize – Jeremy Sanderson, Ball number 28  £79.50

3rd prize – Graham Shepardson, Ball number 38  £66.25

4th prize – Ian Pollard, Ball number 64  £53.00

5th prize – Roger Ruane, Ball number 27  £39.75


June 2019

1st prize – Mike Jenkins, Ball number 55  £162.00

2nd prize – Elliott Watts, Ball number 85 £81.00

3rd prize – Gerry Crerand Snr, Ball number 101  £67.50

4th prize – Ken Turk, Ball number 39  £54.00

5th prize – Liz Martin, Ball number 15  £40.50


Many thanks to everyone who takes part and well done to all of the winners.  However, we are beginning to question whether Ken Turk needs to be making declarations to HMRC given the frequency of his successes in the 100+ Club!!!